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Quote of the Day

I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in.

–Robert Louis Stevenson

In writing Treasure Island and his many other tales of adventure, Robert Louis Stevenson (born November 13, 1850) drew on his own extensive travels. Born in Scotland, the writer lived his last years on a Samoan island where he was dubbed Tusitala, Samoan for “teller of tales.”



Whether you just need a little inspiration or you want to build a board about your story, don’t forget about Pinterest as a writing tool. When you need a break, or you’re stuck on an element of your story, sometimes exploring the visual makes a big difference.


…is almost here.

For most of us it means lots and lots of prepping.

I personally have been getting my apps downloaded, outlines written, ideas gathered, and finally warning loved ones to watch out for prickly behavior and a need for alone time.

To one and all, first timers and old hands, good luck. Enjoy the experience! Remember the journey is everything!

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